5 Reasons To Look Forward To Sitecore Symposium - Developer and IT Track

With more than 40 Develop and IT Sessions in the Developer / IT track at this year’s Sitecore Symposium, it was a challenge to choose which five sessions we are most looking forward to enjoying. A huge kudos to Sitecore, and everyone who submitted sessions, for creating a wide range of relevant content. There is literally content for each level of developer, whether just starting out in the field or already a seasoned developer. Olga Kogan, Sitecore MVP at XCentium, shares five sessions that made her list based on current trends we are seeing with our customers:

Sitecore and GDPR: All Your Personal Data Belong to You

Tuesday, 12:45 PM

With GDPR requirements are now in full force, it’s wise for all of us to know as much as possible about its implications for Sitecore solutions. This session features a practical look at how evolving privacy legislation affects Sitecore implementations, including a demonstration of what a privacy-focused implementation might look like. It also features an overview of where and why personal data is stored and the features and APIs available to handle personal data responsibly across the platform.

Net Core and 9.1 Architecture

Wednesday 8:00 AM

Net Core is becoming more and more widely used, making it important to learn how to employ it for Sitecore solutions. Underpinning the 9.1 release are a number of platform enhancements that, while not immediately obvious, are driving the future of the Sitecore platform. The Sitecore team will help us learn to embrace the revolution to the .NET world that .NET Core represents and discover Sitecore’s journey from monolith to services and the benefits and challenges encountered along the way.

Sitecore 9 on Azure PaaS

Wednesday, 11:45 AM

Everyone's head is in the cloud these days :) and so is mine! Because our clients are asking about Azure, I would like to learn more about Azure Paas for Sitecore. While Sitecore is a scalable and flexible platform, with flexibility comes complexity. This could not be more true when it comes to deploying Sitecore infrastructure designed to support enterprise development at a global scale. This presentation will illustrate a fully scripted deployment of Sitecore 9 in Azure PaaS for a scaled blue-green production implementation including lower environments.

Scaling Sitecore 9.0 for the Super Bowl

Wednesday, 2:00 PM

Scalability is of high importance to enterprise clients, and therefore to me as a developer. Join my colleague, Srikanth Kondapally, Solutions Architect and Sitecore Commerce MVP for this session that covers a multi-region, highly available, auto-scaling Sitecore 9.0 architecture. Dig deep into design, implementation, and considerations that go into a large-scale Sitecore 9.0 infrastructure. Explore how to handle patching and deployments with zero downtime and how XCentium scaled Sitecore to meet the needs of a luxury car manufacturer on Azure PaaS for the Super Bowl.

Creating a Commerce Feature: A Technical Walkthrough

Thursday 10:30 am

With the commerce development field expanding at unprecedented rates, I am interested in expanding my knowledge into commerce, so this detailed walkthrough would be great to attend. This talk will walk attendees through the process of building a new Sitecore Commerce feature, including plugin creation, modifying commerce pipelines, extending the BizFx merchandiser interface, and exposing the new functionality to shoppers via new SXA components. Users attending this talk will have a clear understanding of the microservice architecture of Sitecore Commerce, and how it can be extended to drive business value and delight customers.

In summary, these are five of 40+ sessions in the Developer / IT track. If these sessions do not resonate with you, please check out the full Sitecore Symposium agenda, as there truly are sessions for everyone and every level of developer. In our next “5 Reasons to Look Forward to Sitecore Symposium,” my colleague, Samantha Goble, will highlight five sessions to consider in the Marketing track. If you've missed other articles in our "5 Reasons to Look Forward to Sitecore Symposium", visit this link. We would love to connect with you in Orlando! Our XCentium team has created a lot of content with you in mind. Please visit our Sitecore Symposium page to view our demos, see where we will be speaking, or to schedule a private appointment with our team.