10 Reasons Why Its A Good Idea To Consider a SaaS Commerce Solution

When talking with potential clients, they tell me the mere thought of the time and cost involved to platform, or re-platform, eCommerce can be enough to leave things ‘status- quo’. Might that be you?

Not so long ago, it was a huge Enterprise undertaking to get an eCommerce system up and running. The good news is, SaaS options and the right implementation partner significantly reduce time, cost and stress in getting your platform up and making money.

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"86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience- yet only 1% of customers feel their vendor meets their expectations." (Forbes 2014).

99% dissatisfaction leaves a lot of room for improvement!

Here are 10 reasons why it’s a good idea to consider a SaaS commerce solution:

  1. Cloud Migration is the future- Nearly half of the companies surveyed in the Insight Intelligent Technology Index have migrated to the cloud. There must be compelling reasons to consider SaaS when migrating to the cloud is becoming the norm.
  2. Lower initial cost with no license fees- Is budget a concern? With SaaS, the upfront license purchase and installation cost, along with maintenance and upgrade costs are eliminated.
  3. Fast go to market- When I ask clients about timeline, it’s often, “Yesterday!” If this is your company, considering a SaaS solution makes a lot of sense. The software is already installed and pre-configured. No server installation or manual set up of machines on your end. They’re also experts at training you on the new system- saving more time.
  4. The cost and stress of scaling for peak traffic times is handled by the SaaS company- Taking the burden off you.
  5. Improved data security- The experienced SaaS technology company may be even more concerned about cyber security than you are. They have multiple companies depending on them to keep data secure.
  6. Improved uptime- With many companies relying on the same SaaS technology, the SaaS commerce provider works hard to ensure a reliable and consistent experience for you and your customers. Geo redundancy requirements for catastrophic failure of one system is handled by your SaaS provider.
  7. Easy shopping cart integration and automation to back office systems- Best practices have already been established from previous installations and integrations. No need to re-invent the wheel here.
  8. PCI compliance (and other compliance requirements for your industry) falls on the SaaS provider- PCI Compliance is not the most fun to execute. The time and expense of having to execute and maintain PCI in house is eliminated.
  9. Painless upgrades- The Saas provider manages all updates and upgrades. No patches or additional hardware is needed as your company, and the software company, grows.
  10. Internal IT staff is freed up from eCommerce responsibilities- Giving them more time to dedicate to other internal projects.

Is it time to bring your digital experiences to the cloud? There are many benefits, the biggest being an agile SaaS platform promotes fast response time to customer expectations, putting you in the 1% of companies satisfying their customers. Do you have SaaS Commerce questions?  If so, send me a note at or call 612-805-7644.